Let’s Taco ’bout it.

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It’s Tuesday! Here at Shwackd, we believe in the sacred tradition of eating tacos on Tuesday. This time-honored tradition, colloquially known as Taco Tuesday, has seemed to have faded in recent years, but no longer! Shwackd is dedicated to bringing back this glorious excuse to feast on one of the most delicious delicacies man hath created, and celebrate Tuesdays as they should be. After all, you survived Monday, unarguably the hardest day of the week. We believe that this calls for self-indulgence and self-gratulation.

This Tuesday we examine the Best Taco joint in town, San Antonio Taco Company. This glorious slice of heaven is located at 416 21st Ave S. in Nashville, Tennessee near Vanderbilt University, and has been serving us arguably the best tacos and queso since 1984.


The best way to describe S.A.T.C.O. is if a dive bar and taco truck got freaky their offspring would be this Tex-Mex Shangri-La.

Ask any Real Nashville native where you must eat while in town, and they will direct you to S.A.T.C.O.

(If you ask someone and they reply with bartaco or Taqueria del Sol, RUN! These people aren’t your friends and shouldn’t be trusted!)



What sets this spot above all the rest?


S.A.T.C.O. has a unique atmosphere and boasts a giant outdoor porch decorated with multicolored Christmas lights strung from giant trees casting shade on the outdoor seating.


When you walk in the door, you will notice a long line of order forms against the wall. The walls are covered with messages and doodles, mostly written by children and college students.


They have sweetest sweet-tea. It is so sweet you know you are in the South. There is a constant blend of oldies and classic rock jams pumping through the speakers, and Chips and Queso so good you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

S.A.T.C.O.’s décor is simple and yet comfortable. Plenty of red chairs and white table tops are scattered indoors and out. At first glance, its rough exterior dissuades some people, and they walk away and are deprived of the glory that is S.A.T.C.O. Because, they are uppity and snarky, and probably kick puppies for fun.




S.A.T.C.O. is a place where you can sit and enjoy endless conversation with friends over buckets of beer for hours. You will feel as if you are back home sitting on the porch and all your worries just disappear. That is what this place really offers. They offer an escape from your week. They are selling nirvana in the form of tacos and queso, and that’s what Taco Tuesdays are all about.

S.A.T.C.O. is simply the best! Period. If you disagree…… well you’re wrong.

Go check them out and tell them Shwackd sent you!



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