Ban Bachelorette Parties

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Here at Shwackd, we dislike the Bachelorette Parties. You may remember our hard-hitting piece entitled “Boo Bachelorette Parties.” Now, we are not journalists in the traditional sense. We merely report how on things impact locals in the great city of Nashville.

Let it be known that we were at the forefront of this issue! We bravely commented publicly on how much Bachelorette Parties and its industry has negatively affected our magnificent city!

Shortly after we courageously took a stand, the Nashville Scene followed suit. We commend Nashville Scene for taking a stand and going behind enemy lines to uncover the vile and disgraceful practices of Bachelorette parties.


Now, it is time for you to take a stand with us! We must be united as a single group. We must come together to prepare to do battle. Make no mistake, we are in for the fight of our lives. Bachelorette parties have adopted the tactics of guerrilla groups such as the Viet Cong, and have entrenched themselves into the very fabric of our social lives. But no more! To Paraphrase the Great Winston Churchill:


            “We shall Boo them in Midtown. We shall boo them on Demonbreun! We shall boo them in the Gulch. We shall boo them in the allies and in the streets. And even if we are succumbed to sobriety and must boo clear of mind, we shall boo them in the honky tonks and the clubs. We shall boo them back to lower Broadway where we shall meet them with fierceness and pure determination!”


Shwackd fired the shot heard throughout the city with “Boo Bachelorette Parties!” and now a true patriot that goes by the name Tom Wilson (pictured below) is leading the charge to ban these awful parties from our city.



Go to Ban Bachelorette Parties and sign the petition to have your voice heard. Fight with us to take back our city, and to have these Bachelorettes leave us alone!

To quote another great American hero, John F. Kennedy:



BOO with Us!

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If you missed our previous article about this issue, go read Boo Bachelorette Parties!

If you hate the Pedal Taverns as much as you hate Bachelorette Parties read our article Top Reasons the Pedal Tavern Sucks!

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