Taco Mamacita

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This week in Tacos we visited a Tennessee staple. Taco Mamacita!


Taco Mamacita was founded in Chattanooga, TN by a guy named Mike.

Mike, in all his wisdom, decided to open up a location in Nashville in the Edgehill area, and for that, we thank you, Mike.


Taco Mamacita is one of my favorite places to grab a taco and a margarita.


I can not rain down enough praises upon this taco Xanadu. My favs are indubitably the shrimp and Baja selections. They are quite delicious and satisfying. If life ever has you down, stroll on over to the Mamacita’s and pop a squat on the patio facing the utterly confusing intersection.


(Why is this intersection so confusing? How can so many people not understand how a two-way stop works with a four-way pedestrian crossing in the middle of a residential neighborhood? Geez.) but I digress.


Once you are comfortable perched on a seat, order up a delicious margarita and tacos, and watch your troubles melt away. It’s only comparable to 2-hour deep tissue massage from a beautiful yet well-trained masseuse with supple but strong hands.


If you need a break from life, slide on over to Taco Mamacita and unwind.

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