Nashville To Get Real Life Bat-Signal

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Nashville has overlooked, either voluntarily or accidentally, a huge opportunity to increase tourism and revenue. Nashville needs a bat signal! Not a metaphorical bat signal, I’m talking real life, bright, and beaming signal to throw up into the night sky.


Chances are you think this idea is ridiculous and I would have agreed with you until I gave it some thought. Here are the top reasons that it is not only a solid idea but a tremendous opportunity to bolster the city’s reputation.

1. We already have a batman building or as locals will know it as, the Bell South building. (That’s right it’s still the Bell South building in my heart. Long live Bell South and the Coliseum!)


How epic would it be to have a giant beam of light throwing the Bat-signal between the two towers at night? I remember as a boy swelling up with excitement just driving by the Batman building. I’m pretty sure my little imagination would have an exploded with wonderment if there were a real Bat-signal to accompany it.

You may be wondering how this would result in gains for the city. Well, Nashville is a tourist town. We cater to all sorts of tourist from all over the world. Most recently, we have been catering to tourists at a detriment to our morals and character. I’m talking about Phallic symbol wearing inebriated Bachelorette parties and those god-awful tractors hauling around tourist like bales of hay. Somehow Nashville has become inundated with more dildos than a gay pride parade!








This is our chance to regain a sense of decency again. Let’s make Nashville a smidge more kid-friendly. At least if the kids are staring up, they won’t see grown women partaking in debauchery.


2. A giant promotional light has multiple possible uses. And this is how we can pay for the thing. Nashville is home to the Tennessee Titans, the Nashville Predators, a future MLS team, and venues that host thousands of concerts and shows a year. The costs may be split among all parties that will be willing to partake in the venture. Then on any given night, the organization can boast their logo in the sky. A giant Titans sword or Fangs over Nashville would be straightforward and amazing.









The possibilities are endless. So I put to you, the people.


What do you think?

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